Biennale Teatro 2011/ Video Walking Venice/ Workshop Stefan Kaegi

Venice, October 2011

If you follow my tracks, can you read my thoughts?
Video Walking Venice could be described as a heterotopic form of cinema or a multi-player-3D videogame for 14 spectators. Each spectator will be given an iPod touch and the audience simultaneously starts to follow step by step, videoframe by videoframe, a story that has been filmed in the very same place by someone else. As the spectators start to follow the movie and move through the space a multiple story unfolds. 14 short movies guide the audience and transform it into both actor and spectator.

Created in a workshop of Stefan Kaegi for the Biennale di Venezia by:
Davide Bevilacqua (IT), Emma Miriam Berentsen (NL), Roberto Cavallini (IT), Maurizio Capisani (IT), Mirko Feliziani (IT), Hortense Gerardo (USA), Claudia Irro (G), Andrea La Bozzetta (IT), Stefan Kaegi (CH), Francesca Leoni (BR), Luigi Marangoni (IT), Daria Pascal Atolini (IT), Zofia Smolaeska (PL) and Myer Toub (ZA).